The Action Map serves as a dashboard for key activities and areas of focus for the ECCP network. It is intended to provide a snapshot of efforts undertaken, while action teams and the steering committee monitor and track progress.

2018-2019 Strategies and Actions

The Early Childhood Colorado Partnership supports data-driven decision making and continuous quality improvement to achieve the vision of the Early Childhood Colorado Framework that all Colorado children are valued, healthy, and thriving. This includes bi-annual action mapping with action teams, the Steering Committee, and the full network. In addition, each action team and the steering committee develops metrics for tracking progress of key activities.



Children reach their developmental potential and are ready to succeed in school and in life.


Adults are knowledgeable, responsible, and interact effectively with and on behalf of children.


Environments that impact children are safe, stable and supportive.

Localities and the State

Localities and the state attain economic and social benefits by prioritizing children and families.

Partnership Activities
Shared Messaging

Support early childhood stakeholders across the state to speak from a collective voice, engage more audiences and mobilize action to shift social norms toward supporting children and families in Colorado.

For more information on Shared Messaging, visit the Action Team page.

  • Communicate the value of the Shared Message Bank to the ECCP network and beyond
  • Provide technical assistance and support to partners integrating the Shared Message Bank into their work
  • Support and provide ongoing professional development to the Mentor Team.
  • Build tools and resources into the Shared Message Bank platform for ECCP partners to utilize.

Work collaboratively to 1) promote shared measurement toward early childhood outcomes, and 2) improve the quality of data and access to data that supports measurement and data-driven decision-making. For 2018, these goals are realized in the context of the Shared Data Agenda and Report.

For more information on Data, visit the Action Team page.

  • Conduct Shared Data Agenda and Report outreach to state and local partners and share examples of Data Agenda integration.
  • Refine the data agenda through identification of targets for each indicator and initiate long-term tracking and reporting.
  • Enhance the Data Development Agenda by identifying gaps and needs and developing strategies to address them.
  • Reinforce bridges with other statewide data efforts.
Steering Committee

Provide strategic leadership and stewardship through building key relationships and monitoring the ongoing process of the Partnership.

For more information on the Steering Committee, visit the Steering Committee page.

  • Engage in annual Action Mapping with the full network.
  • Examine and research network life cycles and discuss what it means for the ongoing efforts of the ECCP network.
  • Develop concrete criteria for Action Teams and other areas of ECCP work.
  • Identify engagement “tracks” for ECCP members.
  • Build and strengthen partnerships across the network with individuals, organizations, communities, and collaboratives.
Functions of the Partnership

Provide the environment for diverse, cross-sector, statewide partners to come together, link efforts, share experiences, and identify new opportunities.


Connect partners within and to the early childhood system in order to develop relationships and identify synergies between efforts.


Facilitate partnerships, shared goals, aspirations, and resources to do more together.

Capacity Building

Provide the environment for diverse, cross-sector, statewide partners to come together, link efforts, share experiences, and identify new opportunities.


Encourage and support dialogue about relevant and timely early childhood issues and events.

Frontiers of Action

Frontiers of Action include areas and topics that warrant action and attention with a network approach. These may be issues which will play a through-line in ECCP efforts and events throughout 2018-2019, yet may not be the focus of a specific action team. These issues are identified by the network in accordance with the key functions of the network (see below). Partners within the network are supported and encouraged to tackle this issues, with the support of network infrastructure like events, communication and toolkits.

Area of Focus

Support training & conversation to integrate equity into our work more meaningfully.

Area of Focus

Develop clear & concrete “pathways” for ECCP members to identify how to plug in, get involved, and/or receive support.

Area of Focus

Create & enhance avenues for informing policy & ways to mobilize and take action on important and timely policy issues.

Area of Focus

Support intentional and inclusive dialogue and activities to ensure important voices are included in this work, specifically focusing on families with young children.

Area of Focus

Offer opportunities for new & emerging leaders in the field to develop skills in leadership, collaboration, & building cross-sector partnerships.